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We Care About Helping You

Our Company values helping people have the easiest, stress-free closing process. Trust is the name of the game in our business and we have provided excellent service for over 90 years. That’s trust you can count on.


Superior Compliance

Building and reinforcing trust is our most important principle. TCOW is vetted by Old Republic National Title Insurance Corporation and approved by each and every lender we work for. TCOW is Best Practices Certified and Audited annually by external CPAs.


Professionals you can Trust

James Scher, Title Attorney and Licensed Title Agent has over 25 years of experience. Jennifer Mullen, our Escrow Officer and Licensed Title Agent, has served in that role for more than 20 years. Robert and Elise Burkey add more than 75 years of legal experience to the Company.

About Us

A few things we’re great at

The Title Company of Warren Agency closes hundreds of transactions every year for home buyers and sellers. It is what we do every day. Thousands of title searches are performed every year. It’s what we do. You should expect the best.

Residential & Commercial Title & Escrow Services

Demand who the professionals use. Approved by all major lenders to provide safe, secure, and professional Title and Escrow services every day. We make sure your closing is done right. We stake our reputation on it.

For Sale by Owner Services

Selling your house on your own can be scary-and DANGEROUS! We take the guess work and the details out of your transaction. We prepare all documentation necessary for you to have a smooth sale, from purchase agreements, Disclosure Statements, surveys and everything else! If you are selling it on your own, hire a professional that does hundreds of FSBOs every year!

Preliminary Judicial Reports

Whether you are an attorney, lender or investor, you can’t move forward with foreclosure without Preliminary and Final Judicial Reports. Contact us to provide you these products in a fast an timely manner.

Title Searches

A title search is the process of retrieving and reviewing the history of a piece of property to determine relevant interests and encumbrances that affect the property. At a minimum a search of the previous 40 years is done to ensure that the person selling the property has good and marketable title to the property. If you buy one without it, you are taking a huge risk.

Real Estate Document Preparation

Real estate transactions MUST be in writing according to Ohio law. We prepare literally thousands and thousands of real estate documents every year. The forms required are very specific. Do you really want to trust what you find on the internet or your cousin gave you? There are people for that. We are those people!

Land Contract Agreements

A land contract is a document that sells a piece of property over time from one person to the next – an installment sale. Ohio has a very specific statute regarding Land Contracts that must be followed. TCOW prepares hundreds of Land Contracts every year. Make sure you know all of the details and ask all the right questions, whether you are buying or selling real estate by Land Contract. Ask the professionals.

1031 Exchange Services

A 1031 Exchange is named for Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code which allows you to sell a piece of real estate and buy another in a limited period of time without paying capital gains taxes on the sale of the property, but deferring them to the second property, until its eventual sale. 1031s are very advantageous, but very tricky. If you make a mistake, you could pay thousands in taxes.

Tax & Lien Reports

A tax and Lien report is a limited search on a piece of property to see what liens are on the property, and the current state of the real estate taxes for the current owner only. It’s a snapshot of what the present owner may have done, or been filed against the property. It is not an insured product, but, it can be a good resource in many situations.


The Title Company of Warren is the fastest growing title service provider in the Mahoning Valley.NORTHEAST OHIO’S CHOICE FOR TITLE SERVICESThe Title Company of Warren is the fastest growing title service provider in the Mahoning Valley.NORTHEAST OHIO’S CHOICE FOR TITLE SERVICES

About Us

Our staff are both attorneys and experts in the field of title & escrow management. Don’t believe us? Contact one of them today in order for us to fully realize your future needs.

Robert F. Burkey, Esq.

President / Title Attorney

– Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College.
– J.D. from Case Western Reserve University.
– Practicing since 1966.

James R. Scher, Esq.

Title Attorney / Title Insurance Agent

– Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College.
– J.D. from Case Western Reserve University.
– Practicing since 1991

Elise Burkey, Esq.

Title Attorney

– Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College.
– J.D. from Akron University School of Law.
– Practicing since 1988.

Our Mission

TCOW’s mission is to provide secure, dependable and efficient Title and Escrow Services to residents and businesses of Northeast Ohio.

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